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5 Simple Sustainable Swaps

Sustainable living can be overwhelming. As we create inspiring homes, we aim to do it in a way that prioritizes the planet. Though, at times it can feel like we aren’t doing enough.

There are many resources available with other ideas on how to live with sustainability as a priority. These are some of my favorite simple changes you can implement that just make sense.

1: Reusable Shopping Bags

Use them whenever you can and try to skip them if you aren’t buying much! Here’s one of our favorite bags- bonus points for being made in Denver!

2: Reduce food waste

Check out a food delivery service like Imperfect Foods. Not only are their products sustainably sourced, they will collect and reuse the packaging they send to you! That includes the insulating liners and ice packs-at no cost! Some of their groceries are just surplus items that would otherwise go to waste.

3: Compost

Did you know Denver will pick up your compost bin? Denver Composts is a weekly collection service for all food scraps, yard debris, and non-recyclable paper.

4: Visit your library

Get a library card instead of buying books or invest in a kindle. The Denver Public Library also offers a “Library of Things” where you can check out tools, bike repair kits, even sewing machines!

5: Use your own containers whenever you can!

Reuse glass jars as storage for your bulk and dry goods! Our favorite eco-friendly refill store, The Conscious Merchant is located right here in Denver- check them out!

Small changes can make a huge difference. It’s not about doing it perfectly, it’s about creating a home that keeps you and yours safe, cozy and healthy that also contributes to a healthier planet.

Here’s to a more sustainable future, together!


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